A life changing Meditation Workshop

Physically we all are the same but what makes us different from each other is the power of our mind OR you can say our level of consciousness. Do you realize that we can completely change our life with more consciousness and can live a happier & successful life.

  • Get initiated into the journey of consciousness through Four powerful meditations OR Mind enhancing techniques.
  • Clear your doubts related to meditation & consciousness.
  • Learn ways to be more Successful financially and plan your life better.
  • Register for our Workshop worth 99$ just for 31$


  • The workshop will be conducted on 11th April, Sunday from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM EDT
  • All participants are requested to fill in their details below & pay the registration fee to attend this workshop
  • workshop will be conducted on Zoom App & meeting id will be updated on the contact number & email id provided by the participant

For any other queries please contact our team at +91 9205900246/

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