The Three Paths to Divinity

The Intention of Being Divine is to help every individual to complete their journey of consciousness. We also realize that every person is unique in their own way and where they stand in their current level of consciousness

So for someone who is already 10 years into the journey of spirituality it makes no sense to start from the basics because they’re here to learn what has not been taught to them yet & for someone who don’t have the slightest of clue about consciousness it is extremely difficult to grasp the complex knowledge of higher sadhna

To cater the needs of all these individuals we have carved the Three Paths to Divinity or we can say the three ways in which you can start your journey with Being Divine based on your current level as well as your interest in Sadhna

1) The Divine Breath : Are you just going to wonder how to enhance your mind power, how to be more creative, how to have clarity of thoughts or you actually want to do something about it ?

There’s a difference between thinking & doing, we all think but we are not able to do either because we lack motivation or we don’t have the right direction.

If you are someone who has no clue about mindfulness, consciousness or simply awareness. Then Divine breath is the right path for you.

This is for someone who just wants to be more balanced as a person with better focus, emotional control, enhanced mind power, clarity of thoughts, creativity & motivation to do better in life. This program has the benefits of meditation without getting into the Yogic Philosophy attached to it. Basically for every common person who just wants to do well in life.

Divine Breath is a meditation only program where we have 7 levels of meditation which can help you  achieve all your desires. You simply practice these techniques and make the best out of what you want to do

Which can help you achieve what you desire materialistically and give you balance mentally to enjoy every moment of life, where you are able to detach yourself with all the bad parts of life & at the same time enjoy all the good parts of it.

2) The Enlightenment Meditation Program : Do you know.. There is more to Sadhna than Yoga Nidra, Mindfulness Medtitation, Breath Meditation, Soham, Buddhist chants etc.

If you are someone who feels that simply mindfulness & awareness techniques are not enough to satisfy your thirst for spirituality and you want to know more about the Yogic aspect attached to meditation then Enlightenment Meditation is the path for you

This program has the best of Being Divine divided into 7 levels of Enlightenment where you will learn to deepen your practice as you go higher in the levels, with a combination of various Asanas, Pranayama, Mudras, Bandhas & thought provoking theories it is not just a meditation program it is a reprogramming of your individuality which will work simultaneously on your body, your mind and your soul to completely transform you. 

This is a journey meant only for a true yogi specially carved out by Yogshri Acharya Anoop ji who has spent over 25 years in discovery of this path to salvation.

3) The Master of Antranga Sadhna : Are you someone who will not be satisfied despite reading every book which has been written on Sadhna ? Despite every meditation which has been taught to you by different masters ?

If you fall in this category that means you have completed your search for knowledge which is available outside and now it is time for you to take the next step in your journey ie- going inside to find the answers you seek. The Master of Antranga Sadhna is the right path for you.

This program is exclusively for existing Yoga teachers who already possess the knowledge that the books has to offer and have done enough self practice but are still looking for new higher experiences which are not available easily. You will be trained in the Divine Ashram directly under the Tutelage of Yogshri Acharya Anoop Ji