Divine Breath Meditation 2 & 3.

These meditations are free for your practice and are part of our course Divine Breath Meditation.

Our Divine Breath 1 Meditation is absolutely free and is openly accessible on this website. To experience this powerful meditation click here

Before you practice further meditations it is important to learn some basics about Consciousness and Spirituality for this you have to register for our free online workshop

This workshop Introduction to Consciousness covers a variety of topics and opens a new world of possibilities for someone who is new to spirituality, here we teach :

  • Introduction to our organisation Being Divine & teach you about our Philosophy of mindfulness
  • We initiate you into the journey of consciousness through Four powerful meditations which awake your hidden potential by activating your Mind Power.
  • We clear all your doubts related to meditation & consciousness
  • You become a part of our ever growing community of spiritual enthusiasts

Upon completion of Seminar workshop you will get private access to Meditation 2 & 3.. on your request by email

You can register for our Workshop here.

For any further assistance please feel free to contact us via email : beingdivine.info@gmail.com or call : +91 9205 900 246