Advance Divine Breath Meditation 4 to 7

Upon completion of Introduction to Consciousness Webinar & Basic Divine breath course (Meditation 1-3) you are eligible to register for this advanced breath meditation course

These meditations are a part of a Powerful two part program called Divine Breath Meditation Program which step by step enables you to optimize your mindfulness where deep spiritual experiences are realized.

The 1st Part of this program is absolutely free and is openly accessible on this website. To experience our basic meditation 1. click here

You are eligible for Practicing Part 2 ( Advance Meditation 4-7) only after completion of Basic Divine Breath Meditations.

The advance meditations in this program require a step by step guidance from an experienced master, This program is conducted online on a webinar by our team of experienced spiritual masters.

To register for our Advanced Divine Breath Meditation Webinar click here.

For any further assistance please feel free to contact us via email : or call : +91 9205 900 246