Divine Breath 7



This is the final stage of the meditation lessons according to this technique. From the earlier lessons one can easily notice that the naval center is a very important point in human psychology from where one is asked to direct the prana and mind to different parts of the body. In this lesson, one has to distribute the breath (prana) to the whole body of from the center. The moment of breath (prana) comes from the nose-tip to the navel, it is spread to the whole body(every corner), just like flooding or flashing of water which has to feel, realize be aware of and notice. One has to be aware of the continues source of pranic energy (life-force) reaching the navel center,spreading to the whole body (to each and every cell) within the fraction of a second. The life force is continuously spreading from the navel center, just like lightning, fountain,sparking, flashing, soundwaves, magnetic waves and radioactive waves.

Upon this stage,we know that the breath is the ordinary air or composition of oxygen,hydrogen, nitrogen etc., but much more valuable thing in our life as the life force. It is not the life force only but much more than this. The life force is the manifestation of cosmic power, almighty power, the supreme self or god pervading everywhere and in our whole body through breathing. Once anybody gets disconnected from the almighty power in the form of breath life force, he/she will lose his/her existence (death occurs). Once existence depends upon the existence of the supreme self or god in the form of breath or life force. Once the divine connection is broken, no matter how much air or oxygen one may pump into the body through various medical devices, one will not get life back. So one has to be aware of or witness the showering of the cosmic power on the form of breath or life force. Each and every moment the cosmic power is striking at the navel centre and converting into different forms of energy as light-waves, peace, love and sympathy spreading to the whole body. Thus one will experience the cosmic self in the form of different sensation and feeling like: floating, tingling, pulsating, shinning, prickling, itching, throbbing, thriving, lightening, and ecstacy etc. Once one is aware of or witnesses the cosmic power, radiating, spreading, flashing, sparkling to the whole body, one will release the spring, flowering, blossoming of eternal happiness and bliss within oneself.

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Practice:  Duration 45 minute or as long as you like.