Divine Breath 4



In general, as we grow older the mind wanders more and more it is very difficult job for anybody to concentrate or focus the mind on any one point. The flow of water and air are sources of energy. In the same way, the flow of mind is also a very subtle flow of energy.Now where may one, find a dam which is completely closed or stops the water completely.Everywhere, the water is channelized.One cannot stop any sources of energy completely. The only way is channelization.In the same way one cannot stop the mind at the point. Therefore, we are talking about the channelization of the mind. It may  possible to stop the flow of river completely with a damfor one years, two years, five years maybe 10 years but not more than that. It is also possible to stop the flow of air through an airtight box for room.But how can one stop the mind even after putting 1000 sealed walls around oneself.In no time the mind can move to any end of this earth or moon and come back.The mind is so subtle and fast that is very difficult to focus it on any point for stop.But by repeated practice and proper channelization, it can be brought under control. In Chhandogya Upanishad (6 – 82), it is explained that the mind and the prana are closing interlinked with each other.Regularization ofone leads to the regularization of the others.

With the regular practice of the previous lesson,one might have noticed less wandering of the mind,In this lesson, one has to attach the mind with everything so that time mind moves along with the movement of the breathing in-between the nose-tip and the navel.This means letting the mind also move between the nose-tip and the navelcenter.One has to witness or notice the movement of the mind between these two points. The second thing that one has to be aware of is that breath movingin and out is not ordinary air or just a composition of oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and others.It is a pranic energy (vital energy). It is the life-force moving between the nose-tip and navel that one has to be aware of in this lesson.

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Practice:  Duration 33-35 min