The Divine Breath Meditation is a powerful meditation program of Being Divine which helps you to go deeper in your consciousness.

This program has been specially made for people to practice Being Divine meditations on an Online Platform. 

The course is divided into two parts Basic Divine Breath Meditation & Advance Divine Breath Meditation

The Basic Divine Breath Program consists of 3 Meditation.

To practice Divine Breath 1 for free click here.

The other two parts of Basic Divine Breath Meditations (Divine Breath 2 & 3) are also free but you require to attend our one day workshop Introduction to Consciousness in order to practice these meditations.

It is necessary to attend this workshop to understand the basics about spirituality & consciousness. Without the basic knowledge it will become difficult to understand & practice the techniques we give in our meditations.

In this workshop you will practice many meditations & also understand about the philosophy of our organization. All your doubts related to meditation & consciousness will be cleared here.

To register for this workshop.. click here.

Advance Divine Breath Program consists of 4 Meditations.

Upon completion of Basic Divine Breath Program you become eligible for Advanced Divine Breath

As you register this course you get the access to four powerful advance techniques of breath meditation where every meditation has higher level technique.