The world of spirituality is very vast it has many things to offer for those who seek., from common practices which help keep our mind calm to mystic practices which gives us experiences of our past life, there are many different dimensions to spirituality.

It is a perfect place to explore for someone who wants to experience the extraordinary

But the post Covid-19 world is much more different, people are not willing to go out. They want to explore things but not go out of their house or travel to different places.

Being Divine is an organization which has a variety of courses to offer for those who visit our center in India but for the people who are unable to visit us can also experience some of our best courses at the comfort of their home through our online programs

All programs are self-paced and provide you with 24×7 online support to make your learning experience more pleasant

Introductory Self-Paced Courses (under $100)


Many people nowadays are interested in the subject of meditation. They want happiness and to experience some deeper aspect of life and meditation is the best way to achieve this. Meditation is a very powerful tool which enables us to calm our mind, see things more clearly become more aware, more attentive and more intuitive. We have created a series of powerful meditations divided into 7 levels from basic to advance which will help people to discover the power of meditation


Meditation is something which cannot be explained in words, meditation is a state which needs to be experienced to understand. Being Divine offers A Certified Training Based On Passive – Active Dynamic Meditation Techniques, Zen meditation, Mantra Meditations, Mindfulness Meditations and many more techniques to make you a master of meditation in a short duration of time.


Our body is merely a vessel for our consciousness to reside in, Astral projection refers to an out-of-body-experience (OBE) during which the astral body leaves the physical body and travels to the Astral Plane. This course helps you experience the different dimension of life which you didn’t know existed


Those who believe in life after death also know that we are not directly born into the life which we are living right now. As a soul we have been born and reborn n number of times as different people and whatever we do in those lives adds up to our karmic cycle. Often there are situations where we have to face issues in our present life owing to our Karma from the past life. We have created a special Past Life Regression course where we heal those negative karma and nullify their effects on our present life.