***NOTE : Due to the current situation of Covid-19 Pandemic we are currently not conducting this program. If you have any query please reach to us on +91 9205 900 246 or email us at beingdivine.info@gmail.com***

Samadhi.. according to the Ashtanga Yoga is the 8th and the final limb of Yoga/ Spirituality. It is the ultimate goal of a Yogi and the most difficult to attain. In our workshop we share with you the secret techniques which have been passed down only to a select few and possess the power of providing you with the deepest spiritual experience possible.

Unlike other programs, Samadhi workshop is not open for all. only a  few selected individuals are eligible for this course as it  require vigorous sadhna and yogic practice.

This course is practiced under the personalized guidance and blessing of an enlightened Guru which is very important in order to make the best out of this workshop.

Spirituality is the journey of self on our own unique path, as an organization we surely teach you meditations which helps in the process. we can show you the path but the journey has to be completed by you.

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Samadhi Meditation Workshop 2100/- JOIN NOW


  • Removal Effects of Karmas
  • High tend State of Meditation
  • Self -Realization
  • Attain Siddhis