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Through the Divine Consciousness course we come to realize that there lies an enormous amount of energy which we can tap into when we practice certain techniques.  But tapping into energy and channeling it in the right direction are two different concepts altogether.

Hatha Yoga teachings talk about the 7 energy zones in the body which are known as the 7 Chakras. In this course we learn how to channelize the energy in these chakras and harness our Kundlini Shakti.

Kundlini energy is the latent power buried deep down in our body.

With Level 5 Kundlini Chakra Activation meditation we learn the techniques to unleash the dormant energy through our Nadis (energy channels of our body). The powerful kriyas balance our chakras and thus gives us a unique experience of realization of tranquility, power, and bliss.

By doing this course you experience and learn how to awaken your Kundlini Energy and open your Chakras.

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  • Reduce your Stress.
  • Clear your  Chakras.
  • Experience the Rise of your Kundalini Energy
  • Produce a Sense of Peace & Tranquility
  • Clear & Purify your Mind,  Body & Space.