LEVEL 4,5,6  MEDITATION WORKSHOP                                                           

***NOTE : Due to the current situation of Covid-19 Pandemic we are currently not conducting this program. If you have any query please reach to us on +91 9205 900 246 or email us at beingdivine.info@gmail.com***

In our daily life we are constantly living in an environment which is full of stress, no matter how spiritual we are or how well we keep our mind. External forces do affect us and disrupt our practices to some extent. Sometimes our own practices are not enough to provide us with the mental detox which we require to again reach our full potential.

Ordinary means don’t work and we require a special environment away from our daily life to reach that level.

The rejuvenation Level 4,5,6 Workshop does exactly that.

This is an advanced residential program where you will Practice Level 4 to Level 6 Enlightenment Meditations along with some special processes and Kriyas to recharge your body & mind.

For someone who is already familiar with all the levels of Enlightenment Workshop this program offers an opportunity to relive the experience, rather deepen their experience of meditations.

When you practice Divine Consciousness, Chakra Activation & Samadhi Techniques together it creates a spiritual experience like no other. You go deep in your consciousness and get an opportunity to stay with yourself, away from the noise and clutter of your daily life.

This course is truly a journey within.

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Divine Rejuvenation Workshop 3 Days  On Request   JOIN NOW


These are some of the main advantages of this workshop.

  • Removal of Afflictions & Karmas
  • Removal of all coverings of impurities due to the infinity of knowledge and the knowable becomes very little.
  • The succession of the modifications of Gunas comes to an end, having fulfilled their part.
  • Succession is the uninterrupted sequence of moments distinctly cognized on the cessation of modification
  • Attain the Siddhis very quickly.
  • Sleep is transformed into profound Meditation.