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The first 3 levels of enlightenment are for common people who want to improve their life and become the best version of themselves while continue to be a part of the worldly things. But if you are someone who wants to choose spirituality as a way of living life, the practices become more complex and advance.

Going deeper in spirituality requires much more dedication and preparedness of both body and mind. To prepare all the Sadhaks of Being Divine for their journey ahead we have created the Level 4 workshop, Divine Consciousness Workshop.

Our body is like a vessel within which resides our consciousness. Ordinary people can make do with the way they keep their body but for someone who wants to advance to the next level, they require vast amount of Prana/ Vital force energy.

In the Divine Consciousness Workshop we practice certain kriyas which cleanse our vessel and enable us to experience the energy of nature. It opens our mind to different avenues and deepens our level of consciousness.

With regular practice of consciousness meditation you reach the state where the mind and the senses are completely silent, but consciousness is fully awake.”

After doing this course & with regular practice and guidance of enlightened guru you are able to sustain the inner silence.

You start to discover your real self and the state of consciousness is more permanent. You remain highly aware and mind becomes totally balanced. your mind and thoughts become more pure& you are in total control of yourself or awakened

  • You learn a powerful meditation technique called Divine Kriya.
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  • It gives you access to your inner strength.
  • It can lead to a calmer and more peaceful mind.
  • Helps you develop healthier body.
  • One of the key benefits is that you stay relaxed all the time.
  • Helps you unfolding your potential,
  • Helps you blossom from within