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We all have heard that our body is made of the 5 tattva’s, rather everything is made of the 5 tattva’s and after death we are dissolved into them.

Ever thought, something which makes up our body must also have some kind of effect on our life aswell?

Our body is a combination of the varying frequencies of prana in the form of five elements. Each one of us has all these five elements, though its different composition makes us different individuals.

It is the reason why you look and think differently from your neighbor and your own self from a while back. It is these elements that makes that causes one man to be healthy and another to be diseased and aged.

A balance in all the 5 tattva’s in our body can bring life changing effects.

Since our body has different vibrations of prana it becomes essential that it is harmonized and for this purpose Being Divine has created the Level 3 workshop Tattva Meditation Workshop.

This workshop covers all secrets of these tattva’s and their effect on our body and mind, we will teach you techniques to balance these tattva’s, and enhance the positive impact they have on you. We have special kriyas which will have a soothing effect on the body and mind and enable us to harmonize our energy in such a way that our 7 chakras are also purified.  


The immediate results are health, beauty, glow and attraction. As one progresses in the practice, you get an insight of the various manifestations of prana and subtler dimensions associated with each element.

With heightened awareness changes are brought about in thoughts and body

 It is through this heightened awareness that yogis are able to manifest thoughts and events in their life


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If the five elements (tattva’s) are strong, in balance, and located in their proper areas of the body, then

  • You can Resist Stress, Trauma & Illness
  • Gives Endurance & Calmness
  • You get Clarity, Intuition & Decision-making capacities.
  • Resolves Inner Conflicts
  • Spiritual & Mental Growth.
  • Increase the Vigor & Potential of the Body & Mind