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Through the consciousness workshop you experience the power of being mindful and aware of your own thoughts. Once you start mastering awareness of your thoughts you advance to a level where you realize that being aware is just the beginning. There is more to consciousness than just being aware of your thoughts.

But what is this ‘more’ ? This more is becoming aware about yourself and your existence, once you transcend to this level where you start realizing yourself and your personality, you will be in more control of your actions.

To achieve this state Being Divine brings to you it’s Level 2 Nirvana Meditation Workshop.

Consciousness Workshop vs Nirvana Workshop what is the difference ?  

In the first level all you are doing is observing and controlling your thoughts, but in this level you gain the ability to create your thoughts and convert them into meaningful actions. This is a way by which you can restart your life, completely refreshed, completely renewed. Without stress, without anxiety, without any painful bad memory.

The Nirvana Meditation Workshop

Nirvana is a meditative state where one is free of suffering, desire, thoughts & sense of self. When one attains nirvana, he experiences the real joy of living. Based on the teachings of hatha yoga, this workshop will help you to reach the state of nirvana and become free of all the thoughts which have been keeping you worried.

Join this workshop to be reborn.


WORKSHOP Duration Donation BATCHES
Nirvana Meditation Workshop  2100   JOIN NOW


  • Clear and purify your mind, body & space.
  • It gives you access to your inner strength.
  • It can lead to a calmer and more peaceful mind.
  • One of the key benefits is that you stay relaxed all the time.
  • Helps you unfolding your potential, layer by layer and also helps you blossom from within, through the practice of various sadhna techniques.