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Rejuvenation Consciousness Meditation Program

Upon completion of the First 3 levels of Enlightenment Workshops our body and mind go through dynamic changes. It is often noted that change is followed by fatigue. Whenever something out of the ordinary occurs, we take time to adjust which creates a situation of conflict.

When we talk about changes which occur on a mental & cellular level which influence our thought process, you cannot begin to imagine the magnitude of resistance which will be accompanied by it.

To ensure that this transition is smooth it becomes essential that there is a buffer zone created. Our Rejuvenation Consciousness Program does exactly that.

Our mind holds us in the thoughts of the Past or the Future which deludes us from the reality and in process deprive us from getting the full benefits of our new found consciousness.

This workshop is a residential program where we will practice some powerful kriyas which will remove negativity of our Past and fears of our Future to create positive aura and remove blockages of the body & mind  so that the flow of positive energy is not disrupted.

This workshop takes place in a sattvic environment free from all noise and disturbances which surrounds our mind. During this course one has to practice three days monna (Complete silence) and follow a sattvic diet. After this course, stress and anxiety is reduce to zero and spiritual growth becomes very fast. You experience complete bliss and silence

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  • Rejuvenate Body & Mind
  • Create Positive Aura Around yourself
  • Removes Body & Mind Blockage
  • Give Positivity
  • Enhance Spiritual Power