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Our mind has immense power. It has an incrediblygreat influence on our body’s functioning, health and healing. 

Many of us spend high time and energy worrying about money, our bodies, and trying to keep ourselves happy in all forms. But when it comes to the mind, we literally pay less attention. We often think of the mind as something outside of our own control.

Do you know, “Our life is the creation of our mind,” even Buddhist scripture says the same. According to Buddhist philosophy, mind helps everyone to overcome its constant fluctuations and also helps to achieve stillness, and eventually, enlightenment.

We all aspire successful life, success in all senses, but developing a good relationship with our mind is not an easy task. There are few methods with the help of which one can develop certain habits of mind to start cultivating right now for less stress, more creativity, less distraction and more enjoyment in life.


The course offered here is wonderful combination of technique to sync yourself with your subconscious mind. This course guides through the process of opening your mind and helps to understand the techniques to create right thought pattern for happy life. With help of powerful meditations and visualizing techniques it develops high intuition and concentration power,  which further helps you in perfect balance of life.

 This consists of two levels, which are spread into two days. Each level has 4 sessions.


Text Box: DAY 2 
Relaxation techniques
Work With Vibrations to Create Your Reality
The Power of Affirmations
Relaxing your body (med)
Chakra Balancing
Influencing Our Subconscious Minds in 4 Steps
Creative Visualization Techniques for Success
Chakra Balancing (Med)
The power of decision
The Power of Action & Persistence
Get the answer to subconscious mind
What is Intuition Six Points to Ponder?
How to Increase Intuition
Technique to get reply from inner mind (med)
Mindfulness emotional decongest (Med)


Non-residential course (for Indian residents)
Course Name Schedule / Duration Fee Batch
Its All Mind Workshop 2 Days – 8 Sessions 5500 JOIN NOW
Residential course (for International students)
Course Name Schedule / Duration Fee Batch
Its All Mind Workshop 4 Days –  8 Sessions USD 199 JOIN NOW

This is residential course where we will be providing the stay in our Delhi centre on twin sharing basis. Stay includes 3 meals per day. Students here will do course in morning and evening sessions.


  • Better mind management
  • Better thought management
  • Better control over emotions
  • Better health
  • Balanced body and mind
  • Creative
  • Better relationships
  • Concentrated decisions
  • Better Visualization