When we meditate, the mind becomes calm and relaxed. Meditation helps release stress from the mind and body. When the mind is quiet, the emotions are balanced and the effect shows on the body. We stay healthy and free of diseases. In fact, consistent practice of meditation for a period of time can even help cure certain prolonged health conditions.


We will start the session by first correcting our breathing pattern. The correct breathing is also known as yogic while inhaling feel that the breath is moving to the abdomen.After filling the abdomen then fill the chest and finally fill the breath up to the throat so that the shoulder rises slightly is in the same manner as the water level rises slowly inside a bottle at the time of filing. one should feel the rising of the air level from the navel to the throat.While exhaling release the shoulder then the chest and finally the abdomen.While exhaling one should also be aware of the descending air level from the throat to the navel.

Meditation is a good antidote to stress. Daily practice helps release deeply stored stress in the system so that the mind is peaceful, happy and free. With such a frame of mind, you naturally tend to feel more energetic and work effectively. There is improved focus and better results.



Fees: Donation (Free for level 1.)

Take a resolution 3 times of not moving the body and Chant “Om” 3 times.

  • Sit in any of the meditation postures. Closes the eyes and relax the whole body, while keeping the spine, head and neck erect.  Be aware of the time and place.

Take a resolution 3 times of not moving the body and Chant “Om” 3 times.

(B)  Leaving body awareness, be awareness, be aware of your normal breathing. Completely forget the physical body and do deep, natural breathing.

(C)  Now you have to count your natural breathing from 50 to 1 silently in downward or reverse counting order. And while exhaling, release those areas in reverse order.

(D)  Slow, long, deep inhalation followed by slow exhalation 50, slow, long, deep inhalation followed by slow exhalation 49 and so on.

(E) Stop your counting and Be aware of the tranquility, peace, and relaxation within you.

(F)  The moment you notice the mind wandering or discomfort in the physical body, go back to the practice again, and count again for some time.


  • You can solve all the day-to-day problems with equanimity.
  • You will not be affected by any worries or miseries.
  • Fearlessness and independence arise in those who have attained the Self.
  • Assisting you in releasing your fears by relaxing your mind
  • Giving you more energy to focus toward physical healing
  • Training your mind to support your body and restore wellness
  • Helping your body relax so it can repair itself.