To be recognised as a trainer and master of Yoga & Meditation, one needs to have the authentic knowledge and a well-established institute to back their teachings. With over 25 years of experience from our founder Acharya Anoop Ji and other masters of Yoga & related practices associated with us from all over India, Being Divine offers specially designed Certified Teacher Training Courses.

Yoga & related studies have many philosophies, most of them are ancient with a history of over a 1000 years and hence are very vast & confusing. The biggest obstacle which one faces while learning these subjects is that it is difficult to identify which topics are important and have authentic knowledge, and what to study and what not. Keeping this in mind, we have designed specified teacher training courses that are well structured and easy to understand, giving real knowledge to the learner.

These courses are certified programs where we offer the best possible yoga & meditation experiences. All courses are customized according to people’s body types, skills and acceptability of Participants.

Through these courses we not only attempt to make you an expert trainer but also take help from you in touching more lives and spreading our knowledge of spirituality to the world

Various Teacher Training Courses Offered  By Us

100 HRS TTC MEDITATION PROGRAM A lot of people think they understand the true meaning of meditation.. but meditation is something which cannot be explained in words, meditation is a state which needs to be experienced to understand. Being Divine offers A Certified Training Based On Passive – Active Dynamic Meditation Techniques, Zen meditation, Mantra Meditations, Mindfulness Meditations and many more techniques.. To Know More Click here….

100 HRS YOGA RETREAT COURSE Travel is often considered to be the best medicine for a routine life, with the popularity of Yoga at it’s peak modern world travelers are not looking for an ordinary holiday rather a YOGA HOLIDAY. There are many people who want to go on a Yoga retreat but these retreats are limited and even more limited are people who are qualified enough and conduct systematic retreats. To solve this problem, We at Being Divine are offering a course where we train yoga instructors to become professional yoga retreat conductors. This is a systematic and well designed course where we teach you how to take yoga retreats for travelers. We teach here introduction to theory & practice of Yoga for anyone looking for career in Yoga at a trainer level… To Know More Click here…

100 HRS TTC BEING DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS PROGRAM. It is a known fact that Yoga has originated from ancient India. Following the Traditional Hatha Yoga teachings, Being Divine wants to spread the knowledge of authentic Yoga & Meditation to everyone through its Consciousness Teacher Training Program..  This is Sadhana Intensive course, based on hatha yoga sadhna. Here in this course students will be taught all techniques from well-designed practice sessions to become perfect teacher. To Know More Click here….

100 HRS TTC ADVANCE CONSCIOUSNESS PROGRAM Many Yogis choose the divine path of Yoga & Meditation but after walking this path for some time they feel that they have lost their way and their spiritual growth has become somewhat stagnant. People have access to the basic concepts and theory of meditation but often find themselves alone when looking to learn the advanced practices. Being Divine offers a course for existing meditation practitioners who want to enhance their spiritual growth further. To Know More Click here….

100 HOURS TTC YOGIC HEALING COURSE It is not unknown that Yoga practices have an application as an alternate medicine that heals the body and cures it of various diseases and imbalances. But not all yoga practitioners have the knowledge of how to use yoga to cure specific ailments. Being Divine has developed a Yogic Healing course , which tries to work on curing diseases at their root level. The course is designed by combining various Yogic techniques and practices to cure these diseases.
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