***NOTE : Due to the current situation of Covid-19 Pandemic we are currently not conducting this program. If you have any query please reach to us on +91 9205 900 246 or email us at beingdivine.info@gmail.com***

Consciousness refers to the state of mind where we are aware of what we are doing, where we are and what our thoughts are. we are in complete control of ourselves. But this state is difficult to achieve when our mind is clouded by thoughts.

Being Divine offers to teach you it’s powerful meditation techniques to attain consciousness rather Divine Consciousness, and become a master of meditation who can help people in calming their minds and making them reach higher levels of spirituality.

We teach the First three levels of our Enlightenment workshops in this course and you become a certified teacher of Being Divine. Upon completion of this course you are eligible to teach our basic enlightenment workshops to others as part of our organization.

Being Divine 100 TTC consciousness course is specially designed to bring the happiness in life of people by providing a means to improve their health mentally as well as physically.

When you practice Consciousness meditation, the chattering of mind become slow and we become mindful. In the state of mindfulness our awareness increases and we are able to work efficiently, giving 100% to whatever we do. Creating overall Happiness and success.

This course is a 100 hours/ 15 days residential program conducted by the Senior most teachers of Being Divine who will guide you and transform you to become the perfect teacher according to Being Divine standards, with profound knowledge of Yogic philosophies & teachings.

This course is for all individuals who believe in our philosophy of Yoga and meditation, who want to spread the word of consciousness and become the guide to others in their journey towards consciousness.

After successful completion of this course, you will be able to teach this course independently to your students,On the completion of this program you willl be provided all content PPTs and meditations etc.


This course is strictly for the people who believe in our philosophy of consciousness and are willing to help us achieve our mission. Someone who has already completed our enlightenment program is eligible to apply for this training.

We conduct a small & simple eligibility test, which tells us about your interest to become a Yoga Trainer. If you are someone who shares the same vision as us, we welcome you with open arms to join our noble mission.

This course has the correct combination of all the necessary techniques which will help you in transforming your life..

100 Hours TTC Being Divine Consciousness Program 15 DAYS x 3 SESSIONS EACH DAY Price on Request JOIN NOW

Course will be held at BD Centre in India , 15 days accommodation with all meals included.


  • All theory, meditation & yogic kriyas of Enlightenment Level 1 Consciousness Program
  • All theory, meditation & yogic kriyas of Enlightenment Level 2 Nirvana Kriya Program
  • All theory, meditation & yogic kriyas of Enlightenment Level 3 Tattva Kriya Program


  1. Certificate of completion.
  2. Skill to teach meditation sessions and workshops.
  3. Knowledge and experience in guiding group and private meditation sessions.
  4. Personal well-being, clarity, positive attitude and peace of mind.
  5. An understanding of the fundamental principles of meditation practices popular with  Eastern and Western practitioners.