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People have access to the basic concepts and theory of meditation. When one starts practicing meditation, their life changes and they experience a spiritual growth. However, after doing the same techniques for many years one starts realizing that their growth becomes slower as time passes and after a stage it hits the roadblock where the growth stops. In this situation a sadhak feels lost and off track and despite all attempts, is unable to attain new heights of spiritual growth.

This happens because of the lack of access to the advance techniques of meditation. Over the years the deep knowledge of meditation has been passed on only to a selected few individuals under the guru shishya parampara and the general public has no access to it. As a result, most of the meditators remain deprived of these techniques.

Being Divine brings to you it’s  Advance Sadhna Course which will teach all the seekers the advanced techniques of meditation.

This is advance Sadhana  course is based on hatha yoga. Here in this course students will be taught all techniques required to become an Advanced level teacher of Meditation. Consisting of  well-designed practice sessions where, the individual would be made ready to take a session of Being Divine Enlightenment course Level 4-6 on his own..

Through this course you can acquire a profound comprehension of both yogic science and yogic art form.


Advance Meditation Program is for existing teachers of Level 1 to 3 of Being Divine with more than three years of experience.

100 Hours Advance Sadhana Teacher Training Program 15 DAYS x 3 SESSIONS EACH DAY Price on Request JOIN NOW

Course will be held at BD Centre in India , 15 days accommodation with all meals included