Total Health Control Workshop

Total Health Control Workshop

Yoga has always been there for physical, mental and spiritual health of mankind.

The stress on the external aspects of life has become acute in present time. As a result, most people have lost the capacity to understand, analyze and think about themselves, their minds and their inner problem. The focus of their attention has become completely materialistic. The structure of society and man’s day to day life has compelled him to think more about what is happening outside rather than what is happening within him.

So, in the course of time, he has come to neglect the fundamental rules and signs of physical and mental health.

Our course Total Health Control does not only deal with the physical body, but extends right up to your mental needs. This course is for those who understand that healthy body and balanced mind is a necessity to achieve maximum in life.

In race of achieving more and more in life, everybody is stressed physically and mentally and trying to search means of complete wellness. Through this course you can acquire a profound comprehension of both yogic science and yogic art form. Anybody can register here to become Yoga Trainer. We conduct small eligibility test which tells us about your interest to become a Yoga Trainer as well as your body type & fitness level.

So if you are looking for complete wellness then course is a must.



  • Meditation & its significance.
  • Four different types of meditation
  • Meditation and chanting.
  • Hatha Yoga and its effects
  • Karma yoga overview
  • Pranayama & Practice
  • Explaining Kriya tools
  • Initiation into mantras
  • Surya namaskar
  • Kriya Yog & its Practice
  • Divine kriya.
Divine Consciousness (Weekend Workshop) 2 DAYS (WITH 8 SESSIONS) JOIN NOW
Divine Consciousness 7 DAYS (1 DAY PER SESSIONS) JOIN NOW

This Divine consciousness course enhances your strength & develops you from inside. It makes your mind calmer and brings peace in your life. It also makes you healthier both physically and mentally. You also stay relaxed all the time and in all situations. You become master of your mind. It unfolds your hidden potential. It helps you blossom from within, through the practice of various yoga postures and powerful meditation regime.