Emotional Stability

Emotional Stability & Control

Emotions can be like a roller coaster of uncontrollable ups and downs, twists and turns.Meditation is a powerful tool which can help you reshape your current way of thinking and create a more positive, stable emotional environment.Emotional Stability is the ability to discriminate one’s own emotions and to be able to use them to guide their thought without emotions ruling controlling them.The appropriate use of right emotion at the right time and in the right place is what we call emotional intelligence.Emotional Stability & Control teacher training course is a well designed course, teaching all modules given above.

This is a very special course and as a teacher of this course you can really make difference in life of others and yourself. Here in this course students will be taught complete techniques from well design practice sessions to become perfect teacher. Here in the course the individual would be made ready to take a session of Emotional stability course by his/her own.

Through this course you can acquire a profound comprehension of both yogic science and yogic art form. Anybody can register here to become a Being Divine Trainer. We conduct small eligibility test which tells us about your interest to become a Trainer as well as your body type & fitness level.



Emotional Stability & Control
Course will be held at BD Centre in India, 15 days accommodation with all meals included.


  • Chakras Healing INTRO
  • Acceptance
  • Inevitability
  • Developing Emotional Competence
  • Emotional Decongestion
  • Gratitude (role play )
  • Forgiveness
  • Happiness
  • How to Increase Emotional Intelligence in 6 Simple Steps
  • Mental – Emotional Strengths Blocks of Each Chakra
  • Metaphysics to Remove Negative Energy
  • Solving Relationship issues.
  • Stress Management
  • Affirmation and Emotional freedom technique
  • Mindfulness Emotional Decongest (Med)
  • Practicum – Assessment

*Note: This course can be converted into 1 Month course with 2 hrs session every day at our center.

This Emotional Stability & Control course gives you access to your inner strength. It can lead to a calmer mind, and more peace. It makes you develop healthier body. One of the key benefits is that you stay relaxed all the time. It helps you unfolding of your potential, layer by layer and also helps you blossom from within, through the practice of various yoga postures.