Divine Consciouness

Divine Consciouness Teacher Training Course

Everyone does different things in life with different goals, but In reality we are always looking for happiness and working hard only for achieving happiness. it seems that being happy is not easy but  all we need is right association and guides,  sages, purity, love, devotion and Knowledge!
Real happiness lies in the divine consciousness.
Divine Consciousness is inherent and natural in all human beings  but training and discipline are necessary to awaken this consciousness. But this is inactive, or non-functioning in the majority of human beings due to their ignorance
This Divine consciousness course gives a unique opportunity to expand our limits and enhance our capabilities. It will also strengthen our inner-self and develop confidence.
Divine consciousness teacher training course is a well designed course connecting to Meditation.
This Meditation Intensive course is based on Hatha yoga & Kriya Yoga Sadhna. In this course students know about complete techniques of Yoga. Through well designed practice sessions one can become perfect teacher. Every student joining this teacher training is guided to get complete practice of taking a session of Divine consciousness course by themselves and becoming an independent trainer.
Through this course you can get your hands on a deep understanding of both yogic science and yogic art form. Anybody can register here to become a Being Divine Trainer. Here in this training we conduct small eligibility test which tells us about your interest to become a Trainer as well as your body type & fitness level.


On the completion of this course, you will become a certified Being divine trainer and will be able to teach the workshop course on your own and earn handsome money.


*All content of Divine consciousness workshop course +

  • Meditation & its significance.
  • Four different types of meditation
  • Meditation and chanting.
  • Hatha Yoga and its effects
  • Karma yoga overview
  • Pranayama & Practice
  • Explaining Kriya tools
  • Initiation into mantras
  • Surya namaskar
  • Kriya Yog & its Practice

Practicum – Assessment

Divine Consciousness 15 DAYS x 3 SESSIONS EACH DAY
Course will be held at BD Centre in India, 15 days accommodation with all meals included.


This Divine consciousness course enhances your strength & develops you from inside. It makes your mind calmer and brings peace in your life. It also makes you healthier both physically and mentally. You also stay relaxed all the time and in all situations. You become master of your mind. It unfolds your hidden potential. It helps you blossom from within, through the practice of various yoga postures and powerful meditation regime.