Being divine association is for dynamic Yoga enthusiasts from around the world.

Our aim is purely a people-to-people service to facilitate Yoga teachers and enthusiasts to help each other to learn and practice yoga to grow together in this beautiful world of yoga

We give you this unique opportunity to learn for yourself and others while you also earn doing the same

At being divine we are offering teacher training course and membership where you will become a part of our organization, and will learn unique courses of yoga and spirituality. We are creating this business opportunity for all those people who want to work in the field of Yoga.

For this we are offering       

  1. Advanced and well designed courses of Yoga and Meditation.

Our Courses :

  • Divine Consciousness
  • Total Health Control
  • Master Yourself
  • Emotional Stability & Control
  • Yoga Vacation
  1. Membership or association of our organization.

Once you do any of the above courses you are entitled to become a member of our organization where you will be provided all course material and will be able to conduct the workshop of same course in your locality. We will further provide you space on our website. We invite you here to be part of fastest growing community.

Being Divine Teacher Training & Membership Benefits-

  • Being divine unique teacher ID
  • Website profile of teacher. (To know more click Find Teachers on website.)
  • Online free support through teacher Login.
  • Membership perks and discounts on other courses.
  • Income through recommendations (through ID)
  • Being Divine – Meditations.
  • Being Divine Course Presentation Material


Become a Being Divine School or Centre

If you want to be a part of the global mission of being divine, and want to be a school or centre in a particular city, we welcome you!!

We believe in making associations as nobody can grow independently or alone we need like minded people and teachers who believe in our vision.

As our school Or centre, You can teach all our well designed courses in your premises, since you will be trained in all courses of Being divine Mission.