About Us

About Being Divine Mission

Being Divine is a journey towards consciousness, which mainly aims to give spiritual and yogic training to common people for healthy and happy lives. This is an effort of creating spiritual awareness in society through self consciousness.
We offer a wide range of body-mind- spiritual retreats, trainings, courses that includes Asanas, pranayamas, Chakra balancing practices, meditation, detox kriyas, and a practical philosophy to live a dynamic and divine life with a peaceful mind.
We at Being Divine, teach simple yoga and meditation practices that can be of practical use in your daily life and harmonize all areas of life, including diet, sleep, relationships and work attitudes.

The scope of Yoga training is wide. Once you choose to become a Yoga trainer, you will benefit yourself more than others.
The popularity of the program has opened doors for Yoga experts to work as instructors in resorts, gym, schools, health centers, tourist resorts, housing societies and large organizations. One can opt for self-employment by opening Yoga classes/centers.
Nowadays people have been hiring their personal Yoga instructors. Yoga Instructor get very handsome remuneration in the beginning itself, and for a professional, sky is the limit.
Yoga and wellness segment has boomed into one of the most revenue generating businesses these days. We all know that Yoga is one of the most practiced physical and mental workouts globally. Currently, the yoga and wellness industry in India is measured approximately Rs. 500 billion ($7.73 billion) and it will keep on increasing drastically every year. If India alone is such a big market then there is no limit to the scope of yoga all around the world.
Aiming to capture these growth factors, and to further spread yoga wellness world-wide, Being Divine organization has come up with an offer for all those who want to develop their career in Yoga and wellness industry.

Why Being Divine?

Time is running fast and so are we. Everybody is working hard to win. In this race to achieve maximum, we forget our real self. In today’s lifestyle many of us leads stressful lives and feel the effects of it every single day. We put excess strain on our body by doing more than our body can do… there is no time to relax …
In 21st century, despite having more facilities and modernization than our past we are getting more stressed. It is not hard to understand that there is something wrong in the way we are living our lives. Even students are feeling pressure in their studies. They all want to score high in exams and bring more and more percentage to get admissions in better universities and colleges. Here everyone is trying to bring the maximum output from their daily routine, and they often suffer with anxiety & stress.

In our mission of Being Divine international we are offering four unique courses of Yoga, Meditation & Health management.

  • Divine Consciousness

    We all can live happily in divine awareness, but our goals are different, In reality we are always looking for happiness and working hard for it, but seems that being happy is not easy but this is our ignorance, all we need is right association and guides, sages, purity, love, devotion and Knowledge!

    Divine Consciousness is inherent and natural in all human beings but training and discipline are necessary to awaken this consciousness. But this is inactive, or non-functioning in the majority of human beings due to their ignorance

    This Divine consciousness course gives you a unique opportunity to expand your limits and enhance your capabilities. It will also strengthen your inner-self and develop confidence.

  • Total Health Control

    Yoga has always been there for physical, mental and spiritual health of mankind.
    The stress on the external aspects of life has become acute in present time. As a result, most people have lost the capacity to understand, analyze and think about themselves, their minds and their inner problems.

    The focus of their attention has become completely materialistic. The structure of society and man's day to day life has compelled them him think more about what is happening outside rather than what is happening within him.
    So, in the course of time, he has come to neglect the fundamental rules and signs of physical and mental health.

    Our course Total Health Control not only deals with the physical body, but extends right up to your mental needs. This course is for those who understand that healthy body and balanced mind is a necessity to achieve maximum in life.

  • Master Yourself

    Our conscious brains can handle 40 bits of information a second, while our subconscious minds can handle 11 million bits of information per second. If we could learn and become aware of the important parts of our subconscious mental activity. We could do wonders in our lives
    Normally we get upset and angry at what life throws at us .we always try to change the people and circumstances around us to make life easier but instead if we master our own self our life will be different, easier and successful.
    This is what our course teaches you, how to master yourself and mind using right yogic techniques. This course has special methods of training like visualization techniques and powerful meditations, with the help of which you can be your own master.

  • Emotional Stability & Control

    Emotions can be like a roller coaster of uncontrollable ups and downs, twists and turns. Meditation is a powerful tool which can help you reshape your current way of thinking and create a more positive and stable emotional environment.
    Emotional Stability is the ability to control one’s own emotions and to be able to use them to guide their thought, without our emotions taking control of us.
    The appropriate use of right emotion at the right time and in the right place is what we call emotional intelligence.
    Through this course you can acquire a profound comprehension of both yogic science and yogic art form to master yourself and attain emotional stability and emotional intelligence.

  • Yoga Vacation

    Yoga and travel can be transformative experiences for the body, the mind, and the soul. We have designed a special course keeping this in mind. Our yoga vacation helps an individual to deepen and discover more about yoga practice along with powerful Meditation techniques to de – stress.
    At being divine we are now offering this TTC course for any individual or a retreat, hotel, chain of hotels, where we teach a complete systemic yoga routine along with our pre recorded meditations along with detox therapies. Where the course remain same for all destinations, irrespective of the teacher.

Who We Are?

Being Divine is a dynamic, ever-growing organisation of Yoga enthusiasts from around the world. Being divine aim is purely a people-to-people service to facilitate Yoga teachers and enthusiasts to help each other to teach and practice yoga.
We give you a unique opportunity to learn for yourself and others. At being divine we are offering teacher training course and membership of our organization, where you will become part of this organization and will learn unique course of yoga and spirituality.
As for introducing batches we are creating now, these courses are available of 60 % of its cost and gives unique business opportunity for young and middle aged people who wants to work in this field. If you are associated with yoga and natural health in any way, we invite you to become a part of our fast growing community.