Being Divine International Mission

Being Divine International Mission is an effort of creating spiritual awareness in individuals and raising their divine consciousness. This organization aims to give spiritual and yogic training to common people for a healthy and happy life.

Yoga has always been there for physical, mental and spiritual health of mankind.
The stress in the external aspects of life has become acute in present time. As a result, most people have lost their capacity to understand, analyze or think about themselves, their minds and their inner problems.

The focus of their attention has become completely materialistic. The structure of society and man’s day to day life has compelled him to think more about what is happening outside rather than what is happening within him.

So, in the course of time, he has come to neglect the fundamental rules and signs of physical and mental health.

Free Online Meditation

We will start the session by first correcting our breathing pattern. The correct breathing is also known as yogic breath.ie- while inhaling feel that the breath is moving to the abdomen.After filling the abdomen then fill the chest and finally fill the breath up to the throat so that the shoulder rises slightly upward.it is in the same manner as the water level rises slowly inside a bottle at the time of filing. one should feel the rising of the air level from the navel to the throat.While exhaling release the shoulder then the chest and finally the abdomen.While exhaling one should also be aware of the descending air level from the throat to the navel.  Click Here
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Acharya Anoop

Acharya Anoop is a glorious yogi who has spent 25 years in learning different types of meditation and yoga techniques. He is a master of Hatha yoga, Kriya Yoga, Pranic Healing, Reiki, Aura correction, Astrology & Psychic Healing etc. He has designed simple and effective meditations and yoga for common people and trained teachers with unique and effective techniques for same under his organization “Being Divine”. Acharya Anoop is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance

Why Choose Us ?

Teacher Training Course of Yoga & Meditation

Teacher Training courses at being divine are well structured and easy to understand.

We offer the best possible yoga experience, our courses are customized according to people’s body types and acceptability of Participants.

Our teaching methods are practical and contains in depth knowledge of different types of Yogic techniques.

Authentic Knowledge

At being divine we believe in traditional and authentic yoga, which has a history of thousands of years. Here we teach Hatha Yoga, Kriya yoga, in its original form

the shatkarma and yogic kriyas are authentic, which comes to us through guru shishya parampara where our master Acharya Anoop has learnt these from Siddha Gurus.

Teaching With Experienced Team

Being divine has a traditional teacher base and our teachers are well experienced in the field of Yoga and Meditation.

They come from all over the world and are of different religion so they have better understanding of common people and their problems.

Our teachers get well connected with their students and guide them time to time..

Future Opportunities

Being Divine Organization is always looking to expand the work of spreading Yoga around the globe and building a strong team of yoga trainers.

If you are an individual with Yoga teaching experience and longing to be part of an international Yoga community then being divine is best place for you. We have a global mission and planning Being Divine associates in many countries.

What Our Teachers Says


Denise Mc Grath.(USA)
I always loved yoga and tried different teachers. A I found courses of Being Divine very simple and effective also I made a good routine now and practice regularly.

Janet Merkus. (Holland)
I have lot of interest in keeping my body fit and healthy , I am regular to gym but was not aware of meditation. I learnt meditation from Being Divine which now helps me to keep my mind calm and stress free.

Andiries (Germany)
I had a disturbed childhood and lot of stress in my life because of excessive drinking and unemployment. I learnt yoga and meditation from Being Divine which has helped me in dealing with all my problems. I now lead a happy and a peaceful life.